Maria’s a strong female overcoming a bunch of “raw deals” in her young life.  She is coping with the effects of an absent father, broken promises, and an unfortunate series of events after she left home and tried to make it on her own. 

Set in her Southwest hometown, something like, but not exactly Albuquerque, New Mexico, there are old familiar places, new faces and a yearning for purpose.  She imagines herself in the world of cage fighters, and begins working towards that goal, encountering challenges and overcoming self-doubt.  There is no violence or overt sexual content, but some drug, alcohol and adult references couldn’t be avoided.

It’s got a hint of movies like “Urban Cowboy” meets “Million Dollar Baby” with a touch of “According to Greta.” It’s got a big (happy) unique reveal at the end. 

Light drama mixed with abundant humor and poignant societal observations, with a touch of the dark.  A roller-coaster emotional ride that ends at the right place, audiences humming “Coffee” on the ride home.

Rated PG or a soft R.

Notes:  The story was created for stage, but there is enough depth to consider large and small screen productions.  ~15 songs.

Keywords: DNA, media, broken hearts, technology, mental health, reconciliation, revelations, healing and of course, love.